Chauffage électriqu...

Chauffage électriques, à mazout et à gaz  



Interdire les chauffages électriques, à mazout et à gaz pour les nouveaux bâtiments, puis pour tous les bâtiments dans un délai de 20-30 ans, ce qui permet raisonnablement de renouveler à la fin de leur vie utile.

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this article here (german, sorry) sais that currently, 90% of fossil fuel heating systems get replaced with another fossil fuel heating system, ALTHOUGH a geothermal heater would be cheaper (not at first, you have to invest a bit, but definitely after the expected lifetime of ~25y, and even more so if we can finally push through with a CO2-tax)

I think this is mainly due to misinformation, so I'd suggest to look for actions in that field. To me this seems to be a much more promising way of making progress, since achieving a ban for fossil heaters ...

  1. ... takes LOTS of time (8years+ for getting activists together, starting an initiative, having it approved, gather 100k signatures, having it processed by government and then parliment until finally people can vote on it, and also its damn expensive)
  2.  ... is still very unsure to be successful. It's easy to get people to vote against a ban, people hat bans.

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