Costs of energy storage infrastructures  



Today, efficient technologies are available to produce energy (electricity) from renewable sources. However, renewable energies (particularly sunlight and wind) are intermittent. This means that having a society based only on renewable energies is very difficult (even not possible) without proper storage solutions. Different ways to store this renewable power have been proposed such as « power to gas » (e.g. hydrogen production from water splitting) or « pumped-hydroelectricity » storage. However, those storage solutions are expensive to develop in today’s economy, does not have high return on investment and therefore would significantly increase the cost of renewable power compared to energy produce with fossil fuels. Due to this cost, private companies will not invest money on electricity storage solutions if they cannot earn money with them.

In order to accelerate the developement of storage infrastructures, the cost of storage should not be part of an additional cost for these energies (paid by the electricity producers) but should be largely subsidized or even paid by federal funds. The storage infrastructures would thus be public and belong to Switzerland and could be considered as a long-term solution to guarantee a safe , stable and autonomous swiss electricity production.

There has been a (maybe stupid?) thought circling my mind for a couple of months now. Batteries can be made of MANY materials. Some are really low-cost but obviously far from as effective as industry-standards. But: Stationary batteries don't care much about Space and Weight. If I would turn my basement into some HUGE low-cost battery, that would probably still make a decent power storage. So now I could simply charge it in the night and use it during the day, reducing my electricity bill by, IDK, 30%? Combined with solar panels the bill could be pushed to 0.

Wouldn't that pay off pretty quick? And if so, why is there noone doing it (commercially)?
Am I missing something?

This is just one of many articles that tell pretty much the same story.
but after 5 years still nothing happened?

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