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Locally grown food by vertical farming methods  



Every minute we loose an enormous amount of agricultural land. In order to have enough food in near future, it is important to research and use new methods. One method could be what is called "vertical farming", where you can grow food in local area without the nessecity of agricultural land, soil and water. This would reduce the transport routes as well.

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A couple of years ago there was a project going around called "window farms"... there are many different ways and instructions and ideas about it. Here is just one example of how it can be done. However, right now it still requires quite a lot of time gathering all the single parts together and kind of "translating" the things form the videos (they're mostly originated in the US) into actual pieces you can buy here in a local store. I think with a couple of tweaks, this could be assembled to a kit which would make it much easier for new people to start.

I wanted to build one of these last year but somehow never finished 🙁

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