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It should get easier for consumers to consume sustainably. For example, they shouldn’t have to turn around every food product and read it carefully just for knowing where it comes from. With for example a small national flag on the top of the food product they would know the origin at a glance.

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In a recent article (german), Manuel Klarmann (founder of "Eaternity") explained that the production country is not really that relevant as we often believe, because the footprint of regionally produced food can vary strongly throughout the year. One example given is, that locally (in Switzerland) produced tomatoes footprint rises from 0.3 to 1.7 kg CO2 per kg tomatoes between october and december, due to the high footprint of greenhouses that are needed in winter. Hence already in november it is better to ship tomatoes from south europe to Switzerland.

He also explains that imports from overseas are absolutely not *the* problem. Sure, the ships travel with dirty crude oil, but they also transport such huge amounts of food that per kg the shipment emission is almost irrelevant, at least not comparable to the footprint of the production itself.

So, if we want to truly make things easier, I suppose a single number representing an estimate of how much GHG-equivalents were emitted for this product would be most efficient and most transparent. This however is not always an easy task... but maybe it could be part of a label which also ensures the number written on the product is verified by a 3rd party or something?

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