Current Status

First Summit 04.01.2020

Dear CAP contributors,
We have had our first summit where all working groups presented what they are currently working on. We were very pleased with how the meeting went and what we saw. The people who were present on saturday should report to their WG directly if there was feedback or anything else important regarding their working process that is not mentioned here.
This is how we will proceed
Like already mentioned, the next summit will take place on February 1st. Until then we aim to have first rough drafts of the chapters. We know that many working groups may not be able to present a full draft until that date but we encourage you to try. 
If time is tight, focus first on listing all the measures you plan to include instead of elaborating just very few measures in detail. Like this we will have a nice and complete overview on what is missing in the entire plan.
The length of the whole chapter will depend on the size/complexity of the sector/topic. The total length will probably be around 10-40 pages per WG chapter. 
Carbon Pricing
To ensure coherence regarding instruments of carbon pricing and internalization of cost (CO2-levy, border tax, ETS, etc) we decided to elaborate and coordinate those in the WG industry. This is simply due to the fact that they already started working on three instances of this category and to us it seems easiest to not create a completely new group.
written  by Nino, 09.01.2020