Climate Assembly in Basel

The first climate meeting for the CAP took place yesterday in Basel, here are some impressions. Many thanks at this point to everyone who was there and made these stimulating, exciting discussions possible.
Between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, potential measures for the “CAP” in the areas of “Education” and “Transport” were debated, questioned and concepts for implementation were drawn up.
“CAP” – What does it mean again? You may be asking yourself now. No problem, because here is the explanation: CAP = “Climat Action Plan” is a project by the Swiss climate strike. The aim of the CAP: Together with experts and the population, to develop concrete political and social climate protection measures that Switzerland can implement in order to achieve the 1.5 ° goal. This task is best done when the work is divided, so we have 11 working groups (AG), which are divided into sectors. Two of these 11 working groups are “Education” and “Mobility”.
So that we can get in contact with as many of you as possible and your great ideas flow into this project, we have already organized further climate meetings.
You missed it, but do you still have some measures or ideas for our goal that we should consider? Half as bad, because more meetings will take place soon. On January 14th, the sectors “Energy” and “Buildings” will be discussed in Basel and on February 19th you will have the chance to start again in Feuerthalen