Economy for the Common Good  



I am working in the movement of the economy for the common good. (Global website:

After several years of investigation and puzzle about the global challenges I am convinced, that the fastest and most realistic solution lies in the idea of this movement, which aims to give our economic system a new orientation. There is where I see the greatest potential. Basically it's about three steps:

  1. Democratically redefining new criteria for the success of economic performance, which includes all aspects of a healthy and sustainable society - Create the "Matrix of the Common Good" - (You can see it as an alternative to the GDP)
  2. Measure companies and municipalities with this Matrix - Common-Good-Educated auditors create "Common Good Balance Sheets"
  3. Implementing systematical incentives, according to the Common-Good-Points in the Ballance Sheets (the Common-Good-Product)

Please text me, if there is an interest to work closer together. In Switzerland, we are growing quite fast:
Our website:


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